By: Jay Rebaldo

Every business owner and entrepreneur want to get the best use of their advertising budget and Google Advertising can help – provided you follow the best practices to ensure successful search engine marketing (SEM). Obviously, you will need a strong, well-developed SEO strategy followed by an equally strong execution of that strategy. Let’s get started and drive awareness, along with conversions, to achieve advertising success.

A Well-Developed Google Strategy

A strong well-developed Google strategy begins with staying on top of constantly changing programs which promise to keep you current. Innovation means updates, and updates mean strategy adjustments to take advantage of these changes. You also need a clear understanding of the ‘bidding’ process which factors heavily in where your ads appear. Knowing the process and developing your bid accordingly can help, and also knowing the factors which determine your Quality Score – which comes from the ad relevancy, click-through rates, and landing page experience. You’ll also need to closely monitor your metrics via Google Analytics to get the full picture and enhance your future campaigns.

Execute Your Strategy – Gain New Customers

The goal in Google Ad is not only to deliver a great experience for your current customers, but also to get potential customers to your page and convert them into new, loyal customers. Utilizing the right keywords allows you to target that audience effectively by capturing user intent. To begin the process, you want to define your target audience – who you want viewing your ads and driving traffic to your site. Knowing your correct audience is key to achieving a successful Advertising Strategy. Once you know your target audience, you’ll need to define the topic and ‘keywords’ your audience use to search. These keywords should be relevant to your landing pages, your product & service, and ultimately the advertising you are developing. Be certain to factor in the cost of keyword competition, filter out negative keywords, and define broad keyword matches.

When developing your Google Ads, standing apart from the competition is the key to getting the attention of your target audience. Creativity is key, along with relevance, and a concise easy to understand message. Now, you have the “who” of your target audience, the “what” that is in your message to them, and all that’s left is the “where” meaning for your reach. You need to
target desktop devices, as well as the smaller screens of mobile devices, and create ads to reach both; thus, optimizing your Google Ad practices to full value in maximizing exposure and return.

Get Assistance – When You Need It

If you feel or get stuck, don’t fear away from getting help when you need it. Google Ads offers help to evaluate the value of your Google campaigns via ‘custom conversion tracking’ to assist you in calculating your return on investment (ROI). In addition, there may be times when optimizing Google advertising campaigns and maximizing your results call for the assistance of a professional marketing team to get you and your business on the right path to success in marketing.

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