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Experts estimate 20% of all digital spend is from fraud, either from bots, click farms, or competitors clicking ads. To imagine 20% of ad spend being fraud means out of $2,000 spent every month, at least $400 is from ad fraud. During October we noticed an increase in clicks, an increase in impressions, and a substantial dip with time spent on site for our website. After some research, we noticed the search terms were some of the best in months, and the landing pages didn’t have any changes in a few weeks. From this, we concluded that the problem is from ad fraud.\


To test the theory that this dip was related to ad fraud, we looked into ad fraud software that would block bots and competitors from clicking ads. The tool with countless positive reviews, the features we need, and price point that didn’t break the bank was ClickCease. On November 1st, we set up five clients, including ourselves, on the platform to start monitoring and actively blocking click fraud. The software also records each visit to check for scrolling, mouse movements, and more. It analyzes the recordings through an algorithm to find out if the click was valid.

Since Nov 1st, we have managed $14,700 of ad spend. During the time we generated 34,600 clicks. ClickCease not only monitors the ad spend and clicks, but it will also automatically request refunds from Google Ads for these accounts. Most importantly, refunds automatically get credited to the ad account.


In less than 60 days, ClickCase has saved us $4,060! From the $4,000 we generated 12,213 clicks with an average CPC of $3. The chart below is from one of our clients where it shows how many clicks we got each day. It also displays how many IP addresses were blocked or detected as fraud each day. The real-time dashboards are great to share with clients. It shows how effective the software is and how much each client is saving.

ad fraud

Saving the amount of money we have alone pays for the software on our side, but it protects Google Ad accounts from fraudulent clicks. This software allows us to protect our customers from bots, click farms, and competitors from clicking on ads and wasting valuable ad money.

In short, we discovered ad fraud is a significant impact to our clients. We will expand this tool to all our clients like Eville & Associates to help them prevent fraud and save money. You can read more about click fraud from ClickCease.


Ad Fraud Detection Rate


of Ad Money saved ($4,060)

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