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As you digitize more of your business over time, you must prepare for increased risks from doing business online. Cyberattack methods have become more sophisticated, and you should become more acquainted with these developments to prepare your business for these eventualities. Preparedness for knowing that your business will be targeted is the first step in being protected.

Taking the appropriate measures to protect your business begins with understanding the changing landscape of technology and cyberthreats. It might be difficult to determine the best strategy to undertake, but you’ll first need to separate fact from fiction when discussing cybersecurity risks. This blog intends to assist you with debunking common myths related to cybersecurity that have cost other businesses dearly.

Our list of top cybersecurity myths to avoid:

Myth #1: Cybersecurity can be one solution to address all needs

Cybersecurity has multiple facets that are all crucial in keeping your business protected. Topics such as physical security measures, defenses for your network, and employee security awareness training are all part of a complete cybersecurity solution. A strong cybersecurity strategy for your business requires that you take all measures to fully mitigate your business risk.

Myth #2: Small businesses aren’t targets like big businesses are

Hackers know that small businesses are more lucrative for cyberattacks due to the higher success rates in attacking them. Small businesses are easily compromised due to having fewer defenses against cyberthreats and are more likely to pay ransoms as a result.

Myth #3: Antivirus solutions are sufficient

Antivirus protection can only protect you from a limited number of attacks. New attack methods are formulated every day that antivirus software takes time to adapt toward. For this reason, you should consider antivirus software a small part of a full cybersecurity solution for your business. Taking the necessary steps to protecting your business against all potential vulnerabilities are crucial in protecting yourself and your company.

Myth #4: Cybersecurity is not my role

Cybercriminals attack the weakest links in business infrastructure. Sometimes, this includes targeting employees that are not involved in IT matters. They usually are the ones without security awareness training and don’t know how to practice good cyber hygiene. For this reason, cybersecurity is every employee’s responsibility. This is really the only way an organization will be able to counter cyberthreats at all levels. Everyone must make cybersecurity a part of their everyday responsibilities.

Digiboost can help

The cybersecurity myths covered here can cause employees and owners alike to have a false sense of security. This leaves businesses vulnerable to all types of cyberattacks. IT service providers, like Digiboost, can help you separate fact from fiction to ensure that your business is fully secured against all modern cyberattacks. Digiboost has the expertise to assist you with cybersecurity compliance, backups, as well as other services to improve your threat readiness protocols.

Want to learn more? Our eBook outlines the importance of security awareness training in your cybersecurity strategy. Download it here.

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