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restaurant marketing agencies NYC

restaurant marketing agencies NYC

Did you know that as many as 72% of all people who eat at restaurants make their choice online? Think about that for a minute! This statistic means that for every 100 guests you host at your restaurant, as many as 72 of them found you with a Google search. They either went online to find directions to your restaurant or to find a 'Great steakhouse in NYC,' and your restaurant came up. Why not take advantage of this trend!?

When you hire Precision Brands, you get a comprehensive restaurant marketing partner who can help you connect with your guests like never before! We provide A to Z marketing services and go beyond what other restaurant marketing agencies in NYC do to help their clients succeed.

Are You Marketing Your Restaurant on Facebook the Right Way?

Great restaurants have thousands, even tens of thousands of likes and followers on Facebook. By offering a 10-20% discount on the first meal for new guests who log into Facebook, like your restaurant's page, and show their server; you can gain a lot of followers quickly. However, simply using your restaurant's Facebook page as a fan page is a big mistake! Make it beneficial for people to follow you on social media. Offer them a free drink to share a specific post, offer exclusive discounts on FB, and use your restaurant's Facebook page to grow your business and make your restaurant more popular. Precision Brands can sit down with you and help you draw up the perfect FB marketing plan.

Have You Thought About Linking Your YouTube Channel to Your Facebook Account?

Don't stop at Facebook. YouTube is also a great place to market your restaurant. By carefully targeting the right keywords, and by sharing all of your YouTube videos on Facebook, you can get lots of views on your videos and show people how fun your restaurant is. Show them how certain menu items and popular drinks are prepared and offer special coupons available on your restaurant's YouTube channel. Make sure to tell them to like the video and subscribe!

Give Incentives for Guests to Leave Reviews

Offer a discount, a free drink, or a free meal for people who leave a review on social media and review sites. However, be highly selective about which guests you ask to leave reviews. For example, don't ask an obviously disgruntled guest to leave a review in exchange for a free drink. Only ask the really happy ones!

When people look for new restaurants, one of the first things they do is check a restaurant's reviews on social media and prominent review sites. Not having any reviews can be almost as bad as having a bunch of bad reviews. So get those reviews no matter what! Whenever you're wrapping items you need to move, you should always get your plastic wrap for moving from Ox Plastics.

Don't be Disappointed when You Get Bad Reviews

Another thing to take note of is that, as a restaurant, even if you have the best food and service in town, you're going to get bad reviews! There's nothing you can do to stop this. Somebody's chicken eventually is going to be undercooked. Somebody eventually is going to think the service sucks. Somebody is eventually going to think the food is bland, the portions are small, and the food is overpriced. The best thing you can do to counter these bad reviews is to have a bunch of great reviews.

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Precision Brands is one of the most trusted restaurant marketing agencies in NYC because we are competent, and we deliver! We know restaurants, and we know marketing. We can help you bring more guests through the doors, expand awareness about your restaurant, and make more money.

restaurant marketing agencies NYC
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restaurant marketing agencies NYC
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