Marketing Research

A roadmap to success begins with charting your course with data. 

The foundation of any successful marketing strategy is the marketing research that guides and informs the leadership of any growth-stage organization. Digiboost has always taken a data-first approach to supporting our clients. Without a full understanding of a company’s current market position, competitors, existing promotional efforts, and results to date, success wouldn’t be possible. You’d be taking wild guesses about your place in the market and how the market perceives your business’ products or services. In the meantime, you’d waste significant time and valuable resources to gain this understanding through trial and error. As you may have guessed, this is an expensive way to do business. The most streamlined way to gain this understanding is to engage in serious marketing research first.

Marketing research to find your true competitors

During conversations with our clients, we inevitably ask the who their competitors are. We usually get a list of names that we include our notes for review. During our competitor research, we find additional companies that our clients never considered. Usually, we see that who clients perceive as competitors are usually not at the top of the list. Online competitors are very different from offline competitors, and this distinction gets lost. This increases the number of competitors in any market, and having a full accounting of them is an important step in developing a marketing strategy.

Developing Your Marketing Strategy through Marketing Research

Once your competitors are well understood, Digiboost will review various best-in-class marketing platforms to determine how your business will find success. Determining the best means of giving your business high exposure with available budgets is the end goal. Digiboost will review multiple channels where your business could choose to promote itself. The merits of each platform are carefully vetted to ensure that it will serve your business with the appropriate audiences that you business would seek. The cost-benefit analysis would be performed to custom tailor your strategy to your business’ growth goals.

Digiboost would then present its marketing research findings to your leadership to ensure that the presented recommendations has the needed support to move forward. Questions to be answered by this marketing research would be things like:

  • Which keywords would generate the strongest results?
  • What platforms should be considered in a full-scale strategy?
  • Where does your business fall against your competitive peers?
  • What opportunities exist for immediate success?

Expected Growth Projections

While we can’t guarantee results, some Digiboost clients have experienced up to 500% increases in their business revenue after a carefully implemented strategy is in place. Efficiency is the secret sauce to getting a strategy to stick. If you’re busy trying different strategies to determine what will work for your business, you may be be testing small changes and expecting major results. While growth can happen this way, you’ll burn a lot of resources getting there. It’s always best to implement a proven strategy that has worked with businesses like yours in the past. That’s the value that Digiboost’s wealth of experience will afford you in partnership.

How to get started

Getting started is as simple as scheduling a conversation with one of lead consultants to determine if Digiboost is a good fit for your business growth goals. The lead consultant will ask you a number of questions, as well as give you additional background information on Digiboost’s approach to client relationships. It’s these best practices that have allowed us to continue our own growth strategy for the past 5 years. Contact Digiboost today to get started!

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