From Consultant to Solutions Expert: Mykel Kovar

Solutions Consultant seeks a greater perspective to provide more value to customers.

Mykel Kovar, Solutions ConsultantWith the successful start of Cayden Simler at Digiboost™, Digiboost™ executives are acknowledging Codeup as a powerful resource in building talented leaders in the tech industry. Knowing this, Digiboost™ has sent Mykel Kovar, Solutions Consultant, to Codeup to build on his skillset and gain the technological knowledge he needs to help small businesses.

Mykel’s first hand experience with Digiboost™, coupled with his interest in computer programming, is what initially sparked his interest in the Codeup program. Driven by his desire to learn and entrepreneurial spirit, Mykel hopes to gain a new found perspective and become a full-stack developer.

‘My main motivation to go to Codeup was because I want to continue learning,’ Kovar said. ‘I’ve always had an interest in computers and programming since I was younger, so I decided it was time to expand upon that and take it to the next level.’

Mykel is looking to use this opportunity to make himself a more valuable asset to Digiboost™. With his enhanced knowledge, Mykel would like to rejoin the Digiboost™ team as a Solutions Engineer. He understands that business is growing increasingly dependent on technology and wants to be capable of presenting the best possible solutions to his customers.

Solutions Consultant Team‘I want a deeper understanding of the development process and programming languages so that I can create and offer the best solutions to the businesses that need them,’ Kovar said.

With his developmental expertise and ability to sell, Mykel is expected to become a formidable force at Digiboost™. His desire to cultivate his skills, lead and help others will not only make him a more valuable resource to the company and the businesses he serves, but also the world as he pursues his dream of one day leading his own company

‘I’m very optimistic and excited for Mykel to come back with the technology expertise to better serve our customers,’ Jay Rebaldo, VP of Sales, said. ‘It’s such a huge investment to have someone who is sales-minded and technically-driven when presenting the best possible solutions to our clients.’

Mykel is a San Antonio native and previously spent 10 years as a professional paintball player for San Antonio X-Factor. When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his fiancé, snowboarding and playing extreme sports.

Digiboost™ Sales Team


Mark A. Alvarez II, Digital Content Writer