Leader in artificial
landscape grass for residential and commercial applications

About SYNLawn

SYNLawn is the industry leader in artificial landscape grass for residential and commercial applications and has been in the industry since 1965. SYNLawn has perfected its artificial grass' manufacturing process over the years, creating an impressive lineup of synthetic grass solutions for any application.

SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay is a premier artificial grass installation company in Virginia, Maryland & DC. A family-owned and operated and has over 40 years of experience in the construction industry as certified SYNLawn artificial grass installers. Their expertly trained installation technicians have the experience and skill to handle any artificial turf project that you have in mind.

SYNLawn artificial grass, perfectly suited to lawns and landscaping, requires virtually zero maintenance or watering, saving money, conserving precious water resources, and having more free time to enjoy life instead of the hassles of maintaining a lush, green yard. SYNLawn creates the most realistic artificial golf grasses available with research and development and excels in applying and installing artificial grass for pets of all sizes. Hypoallergenic and safe for both children and animals.

Client Testimonials

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Kaitlyn Lord

Owner SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay

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SYNLawn Chesapeake Bay was looking to optimize their website, improve their rank on search engines and increase their organic traffic.

Their website was hosted on iPages, a notoriously slow hosting service and is only recommended for websites that don’t receive a tremendous amount of traffic. Also, their previous vendor was very slow, lacked communication, and had vague plans.


We started our optimizations by moving the SYNLawn website hosting to Liquid Web. Then we rebuilt the WordPress site because it is easier to optimize for SEO than other content management systems. Also, websites built on WordPress tend to rank higher on Google.

One problem we encountered is that we needed to rebuild the site but to keep the same design. Our developer made a theme conversion to keep the same design but built on GeneratePress and using the Unsemantic system. This pairing of the Unsemantic system and the GeneratePress Theme allowed us to create an optimized website for speed. We also reduced the image file size while retaining the same quality to decrease the total page size. We added a content delivery network (CDN), enabled caching, and cut the number of requests in half.

Our team offers built-in support into each WordPress maintenance packages we offer. The response time for ticket requests was timely and allowed for quick changes to hours, website notices, or other easy changes to the SYNLawn websites. Our team's support hours gave SYNLawn more control of their website to increase sales and assist with marketing.

GTmetrix Overview

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The Structure Score is at a 93% from the proprietary assessment of Lighthouse and Custom GTmetrix
audits. It represents how well your page is built for optimal performance.

Google Search Console Performance Overview

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The Total Clicks increased from 291 during the first 6 months to 480 in the next 6 months.

The Total Impressions also increased significantly, from 70.2k to 129k.

The average CTR increased along with increased impressions. This means the website ranked well and got more traffic.

Google Analytics

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The data above are the Organic Search data comparisons from 11/1/19 - 4/30/20 versus 5/1/20-10/31/20.

The data above are the Organic Search data comparisons from 11/1/19 - 4/30/20 versus 5/1/20-10/31/20.

Sessions increased from 1,015 to 1,533 meaning that there was an increase in page visits.

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Contact our Small Business SYNLawn Specialist:

Nicole Pokornik
210-227-3444 EXT. 102

How can Digiboost Help You Grow your SYNLawn Franchise?

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