Website Security

Websites can fall under all sorts of different attacks on a regular basis. Our expert team is here to protect your site and your business in the web space. Save time and money by letting Digiboost protect your website.

  • Firewall Protection

    Providing the filter that scrubs your incoming traffic for anything compromised, or any bad actors attempting to hack your site for malicious means. This keeps you safe from all directions.

  • Malware Removal & Hack Response

    If anything does get through to your site, our software will be able to go in and remove any harmful attacks and make your site secure. Thanks to this, we are able to handle these issues more quickly and effectively as we don't need to have a human work on the issue, saving you time and money.

  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation

    While monitoring your site, we mitigate attacks from all over to keep your site from being taken down by unwanted sources. When 100’s of IPs go after your site, we are there to take them all out for you and prevent anything from happening to your site.

  • Brand Reputation & Blacklist Monitoring

    We watch to see where your site is going to make sure that it isn’t qualified as spam anywhere. As well as keeping it off of blacklisted sites, we make sure everyone can view your site at its best.

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