Xtend Fitness New Website Build

Daniel Lopez, owner of Xtend Fitness and personal trainer, graduated from UTSA with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, specializing in Exercise Science. Daniel, a San Antonio native, has experience in corporate, professional, and private sports settings. He has the experience, education, and certifications to motivate and educate children, adults, and seniors on fitness and healthy eating.

With programs geared towards each person’s specific fitness goals, Xtend Fitness does not use a “one size fits all” approach for clients. Through Xtend Fitness, you can find the customized program with nutritional guidance to help you reach your fitness goals. The offerings at Xtend include personal training, group training, and online training.


The former Xtend Fitness site was built on a website builder that wasn’t supporting his business’ growth. The site didn’t portray a professional image and didn’t offer Daniel the functionality that he needed to optimize his content, which limited his reach on the web.

The former website lacked the content needed for Google to index the site and the theme was not mobile friendly. While the website loaded fast, it was not following the PageScore or YSlow Grades. The previous website also did not have Google Analytics or any tracking information to uncover what customers were doing on the site. Overall, Daniel wanted to focus his website to boost his business online.


Digiboost™ rebuilt the website builder into a WordPress theme based on our lightning fast framework. With the content for the Xtend Fitness website provided by Daniel, we were able to onboard and build the website with a 4 four timeline. We created the website with SEO and page speed in mind. The site was equipped with quality photos, content, and Google Analytics, which the previous site did not have.  Digiboost™ was able to decrease the size of the site despite adding so much more quality content.

Digiboost™ increased the PageSpeed Grade and the YSlow Grade to the “A” category and kept the page speed around 1 second. Daniel’s business, Xtend Fitness, will be able to grow with the website; adding pages as needed and optimizing for advertising and SEO. Above all else, we made Daniel a professional and timely website for his business.

In addition to the build, we are providing on-going support to maximize Daniel’s success online. With our monthly support, we will provide Xtend Fitness daily backups, plugin updates, security improvements, and 1 hour of monthly development.

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