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It is getting tougher to compete in the marketplace today, and there is a need for entrepreneurs to learn new strategies when it comes to marketing for small business. If you are concerned about taking on your competitors with a limited budget, here are some free and easy marketing ideas that you can use right away.

Ask for Reviews from Your Customers

Customer reviews are not only an important tool to assess customer satisfaction but are now also an established form of brand building. Most first-time users read reviews before making a decision, and with more and more shopping moving online, seeking reviews should be an essential part of your strategy.

It was normal practice in the past to give the best possible customer experience and then hope they will leave a good review. In today’s business landscape, however, people are too busy for this passive strategy to work. You need to reach out to customers and request an honest review.

Add a Call to Action in Your Email Signature

A simple strategy that many small business owners forget is that each email interaction is a chance to get more business. Add a call to action button under your email signature. This can be anything from an option to buy your product or to sign up for a course by clicking on a link or button.

The only challenge with this strategy is that you shouldn’t sound salesy with the pitch. You have to be witty and creative with the way you phrase your words.

Answer the Questions of Your Users as an Expert—Blog Regularly

People will definitely buy a product if they feel that it adds value to their lives. In order to help potential customers understand how your product and service can be helpful, you have to answer their questions like an expert. Helping buyers with complex and technical issues will make them feel grateful, and you will also establish your company as a serious player that creates solutions.

Blogging regularly on subjects related to your industry is also an effective method to communicate with your customers. Exploring topics like the most common challenges your customers are facing is a good way to establish your online presence.

Create Custom Videos or Livestream on Facebook

Small businesses don’t have the budget to make high-end advertisements or buy ad space on popular TV channels. However, you can still effectively reach your audience through social media.

You can make great videos using low-cost equipment or even your smartphone and upload them on social media. You can also do a Facebook livestream of events, such as a new product launch, or you can host a normal Q&A session to help your customers. A good way to build rapport with your audience is to make a video to introduce your team in a social setting, which will make the customers feel like they are a part of the family.

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