Man keeps his business thriving while working from home

As we continue to learn in navigating the world of COVID-19, business owners and leaders are working hard to keep businesses running. For many owners and their employees, this means following continued stay-at-home protocols and transitioning to further working at home while developing an enhanced online presence. If you are a business owner who is working to keep your business moving, protecting your employees, and supporting your customers, let’s explore some of these tips to thriving during the pandemic.

Implementing a Solid Work from Home (WFH) Option

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to implement a work from home option for you and your team. Luckily, because there are already plenty of individuals working remotely, there are lots of tools readily available to make the task of working and staying in communication simple. You will need to establish a work from home policy which includes:
• How your team members can communicate
• When they are expected to be available
• What tasks they will be responsible for while at home
Be clear and concise, making the process as simple as possible to get the job done well and keep your business running smoothly.

Being Flexible – Meetings, Travel, Time

Obviously, you want to protect your team and customers from exposure to the virus that is still in existence, while keeping your business operational. To do so, continue to postpone any face to face meetings, and reschedule them virtually via videoconferencing tools. If business travel was planned, put it on hold still until the world returns to a normalcy. While these probably seem like common sense, what’s even more important is the team’s flexibility in regard to time. Keep in mind that, not only are people still transitioning to working at home, but they are also continuing to homeschool their children. As an employer, your understanding, patience, and flexibility will go a long way in encouraging your team members to stay the course and get the job done.

Communicating Effectively with Customers

Now that you and your team are all set, you’ll want to keep open lines of effective communication with your customers. At a continued time like this, transparent communication will help you nurture and grow your relationships with your customers. Reach out to your customers and explain what your company is facing, as well as how you are there for them as customers – perhaps maybe even as friends during this time of crisis. If you are working to help your community, let your customers know that as well. Doing so will enhance your reputation and your customers may want to join you in your efforts thus improving your relationships with them.

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