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After your web developer completes the design and development of your website, you suddenly find it in your control as you sit wondering what to do next. You may look to Google for ways to optimize your site or turn to website marketers for advice and assistance on the best ways to market your site. Let’s explore some tips to help you successfully market your new website.

Internet marketing today is quite different than when it emerged nearly three decades ago. The methods which worked in the beginning are no longer the best approach. Even so, internet marketing is a strategy which promises to help you grow your business by engaging customers and driving traffic to your new website. Here are a few of the most common do’s and don’ts to get you started.

Do Write a Blog. But not just any old blog, you want a blog that engages your target audience and delivers genuine value to them. You’ll need to utilize keyword research, social media interactions, customer surveys, and employee input to create a relevant blog with informative high quality content. You want your blog to promote interaction with your audience, resulting in increased activity related to your website. Update it often, offering new products, services, or insights to your audience. And remember, in today’s digital realm quality is more important than quantity.

Don’t Require Users to Register for Access to Your Information. While you may think forcing visitors and users to register to learn about your business is a great way to get contact information, those visiting your website won’t likely agree. In fact, they’ll probably do the opposite, and visit your competitors who don’t require registration to learn about their businesses. If you feel the requested registration is for a good reason, keep it simple and minimalist so as not to turn members of your target audience away.

Do deliver an exceptional customer experience for all visitors, especially mobile users. As mobile use continues to evolve, more and more visitors to your site will be using a mobile device and expecting an incredible user experience. Customer experience is everything – know your customer, their needs, and how you can meet those needs. Never advertise your site before it prepared for traffic via all platforms. If your site isn’t completely ready to deliver the optimal experience, wait until it is – otherwise the first users you attract won’t likely return.

Don’t overlook the impact of Facebook and other social media platforms. As social media sites from Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn and beyond continue to up their game with advanced targeting options, their reach not only can increase your visibility but engage your target customers. Use video content via social media to reach your audience, especially live video which continues to experience explosive growth among both internet and mobile users.

Do personalize every interaction. Today’s audiences expect a personal experience and it is up to you to deliver. Do the research, make the effort, target your audience, deliver a solution, make the connection. Always use customer-centric language and remember, the goal of your marketing is to engage your audience and drive traffic to your site.

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