Search Engine Optimization

Being found online is only effective if it’s the target audience

If your business has a market-disrupting service, but nobody can search to find you, how much more difficult would marketing your company be? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the baseline for any strategic marketing plan. The reasons are diverse, but all are equally important. There’s a reason why everyone asks, “Did you Google it?”, even if they only mean doing a web search regardless of platform.

What is search engine optimization?

The ability to be found online is as simple as it can also complex. Search engines developed by major companies like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and the like build their credibility by serving end users quality search results for the user-entered query. The emphasis is on quality. This is because search engines can’t sell advertising on their platforms if you don’t come back. The less quality result that you get using the search engine, the less likely that you’ll go back. Simple.

Search engine optimization is the process to ensure that your website or other web properties are optimized with the necessary data inputs that search engines use to determine the quality of your content. The algorithms of each search engine are different, but the data that is indexed from your web properties are very usually the same. This data is used to determine how high in the search results you will appear. You will want to optimize for an expansive checklist of requirements such as page load times, number of broken links, proper headers in your content, etc. However, the consistency of that content is also a factor.

The challenge of content freshness

We’ve all been there. You know that you have to get something done in your business, but something else comes up unexpectedly that takes your available bandwidth. The result is that you put off what you need to get done until “you have time.” It’s a game of prioritization, but we just don’t realize that we’re taking from our future earning by putting our content off until the wind agrees with us.

The truth is, as well-meaning as many of us are when running our businesses, we know that putting yourself as a priority when working with paying clients is a serious challenge. One of the areas where we do ourselves a disservice is content development. You see, fresh or new content is the way to keep your website at the top of search engines. The “freshness” of that content is a ranking factor, but easily ignored. Relevant, and updated, information is a base requirement to getting ahead in the search engine race. The issue is that consistent content development is a major challenge to many of our clients. Another factor in search engine optimization is remembering the old adage that “you are the company that you keep.”

Birds of a feather

When search engines are determining if you’re meeting all of the criteria for primary placement on their platform, they ultimately want to know that you are a legitimate business. They also want to know that you do business with other legitimate businesses. One of the ways to determine that is to see how many relevant inbound links, or backlinks, you have coming to your website. If you sell cars and you have links from shoe retailers, it’s not considered a relevant link because it’s not useful to an end user. The ability to deliver quality links to end users is the value proposition that search engines offer. So, this means that you have to carefully vet the inbound links that are currently pointing to your website, but you also have to develop new business relationships to obtain more quality backlinks to your website. This process does take time, but is a very important factor in your overall ranking metrics.

How should you get started?

Digiboost has worked with hundreds of marketing clients to establish and expand on a search engine optimization strategy. Successful marketing efforts to grow your business requires a strong foundation to drive as much unpaid traffic as you can. This step is fundamental to saving your paid search marketing dollars and ensuring that you’re using them effectively and not wasting unnecessarily. Digiboost can partner with you to launch an effective search engine optimization plan for your business. Contact us today to get started!

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