WordPress Management

Digiboost offers small business owners peace of mind with their WordPress support needs.

Worry-free WordPress management

You’re busy growing your small business and you need support for your WordPress website. Themes, plugins, security, Digiboost takes care of it all so you don’t have to. Focus on growing your business, Digiboost will do the rest.

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Daily website backups

We offer weekly, daily, and even hourly website backups. If you run into any trouble and need to quickly restore your website, Digiboost will have you back up and running in the same day.

24/7 server monitoring

Downtime costs your small business money. Your support team should know about a website event before your customers do. We have multiple layers of website monitoring in place to be sure that we get any issues addressed immediately.

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Hassle-free migrations

We know that moving your WordPress website can be daunting. We offer migration services to move your website from any website host to another. We guarantee that your website’s functionality with thorough testing, as well as complimentary DNS support.

Blazing fast hosting

Every additional second of load time for your website can mean thousands in lost revenue. We offer a CDN, advanced Varnish caching, and leading image compression services to load your website in less than 3 seconds.

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Enterprise-grade security

Stay protected with end-to-end encryption, free SSL certification, and two-factor authentication – not to mention advanced mitigation of DDoS attacks.

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