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Your guide to branding and standing out within an information abundant world.

Marketing for a small business can be tough. With the amount of information being created each day, businesses are being forced to compete for attention to rise to the top. And most do so through branding. But how exactly does a business go about branding themselves? How do they set themselves apart and break through all the noise that is today’s digital landscape? The answer may not be so clear-cut, but it can be as simple as acknowledging what is already there. Branding your business is about creating an identity and maintaining an image that sets you apart from your competition. You might not know it yet but branding is everything, for example look at The Armored Group who goes by “TAG” and keeps with brand as “Armored Cars”. It exists within every aspect of your business and if you neglect to tap into it, your business will remain invisible and go unnoticed.

Building a great brand takes time and a lot of work. Though it may seem like it would be hard to do with everything else going on with your business, it really is not. Branding is the very DNA on which it runs and if you put the effort to try and understand it, you will be rewarded. When figuring out your company’s brand, ask yourselves these questions and they will serve as the tools you use to build a more powerful brand.

Who are we marketing to?

At the core of your brand should be your ideal customer. The person you are marketing to should act as the mold to all that you do. In marketing, we call this person a buyer persona. Every business decision you make should be made with this person in mind, because your buyer persona is going to be the one talking about your brand. People are impressionable. They should be left with something to remember you by, something they adore and admire. You want your customers to remember you and be loyal to your products or service. So, be mindful with every action that you take.

How do speak to your customers?

Establishing a voice will make it more memorable. Keep it consistent within your social media posts, website content and everything else related to your business. How you communicate your message should reflect your ideal customers’ mindset. It should resonate with them. Anyone writing for your brand should be aware of the type of messaging you are trying to create. A good way to do this and keep everyone in your business on the same page is creating brand guidelines for them. Give your brand its identity and make it real by setting the expectations for it. If there is no substance to your brand, it will not stick.

What do we stand for?

Coming up with values for your brand is an easy way to build enthusiasm within your market. People are drawn to brands that care about the same things they care about. Your values should reflect those of your ideal customer. They should also be consistent with the messaging you create for them and align with your marketing strategies. Knowing the core values for your business will make it easier to come up with ideas for how you present your brand to the public. If you support green renewable energy, this is something you could communicate as your core values. 

Have we set clear goals for customers?

Your customers should never in no way be confused to who you are or what your selling. Your product needs to be at the front and center of all your branding. Show them what you are selling as much as possible. Your customers need to know your value so they can keep you top of mind. Customers respond well to transparency. The beauty of branding lies in its simplicity. Don’t over think the pitch, just give it to them straight.

How are we different? What do we do to stand out?

This is where branding gets tricky, but this is where you can be the most creative! Give your brand a name that clearly reflects what your offering and give it a logo. Associate your brand with colors that appeal to your target market, but unlike the colors of your competitors. You want to avoid being confused with any other brand at all cost. Place your values into your imaging online and make sure that your brand has that touch of creativity that will excite your customers. This will breathe life into your brand and make it more real. Add the details to your brand guidelines and be sure to inform your employees of any updates to your brand’s distinct image.

Branding your small business is important because you want your customers to remember what you did for them. When you provide them with a product or service they love, you want them to come back for more and to tell their friends. You want them to follow you on social media and to share your posts. If you want to be successful, you need people to spread the word and to bring you more business. The easiest way to do that is to build a brand identity for your business and engage with your customers on their level. I genuinely hope these questions have got you thinking about what you can do to help your business get recognized. Take these tips and use them to grow your brand. It is easier than you think. 

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