Digiboost™ Provides Lunch & Learn with Partner Liquid Web

October 19, 2018
By: Pablo Calvo
Liquid Web Digiboost at Rossellas

We value our partnerships with other businesses in the industry because, together, we can bring the very best services to Digiboost™ clients and their businesses.  We are proud to have partner Liquid Web, a hosting company also located in San Antonio, bring hosting solutions to our clients. As a result of the joint efforts between Liquid Web and Digiboost™, our agency has seen tremendous growth in the last quarter.

Liquid Web Presentation

As a way to nurture our relationship with Liquid Web, we provided their team with a Lunch & Learn to present recent trends in our client base and provide information and updates about Digiboost™ and our menu of services. By meeting with the Liquid Web team, we were able to gather feedback that will enhance and strengthen our partnership, as well as take a temperature on the relationship.

We finished out our day of appreciation with a Happy Hour at Rosella’s where the Digiboost™ and Liquid Web teams could enjoy comradery, food, and spirits together.

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