Carmen Calvo

Many talented and dynamic people work here at Digiboost, and today we’d like to introduce you to one of them!

Carmen Calvo, Account Manager & Client Care

It’s Carmen’s job to keep the lines of communication open between clients and the team, keeping projects organized and moving so that deadlines are met and everyone is happy. 

She’s a team player and embodies Digiboost’s servant leadership principle. She’s ready to jump wherever she’s needed—whether this means she’s writing ad copy, making website edits for clients, or some other day-to-day task that the team needs to complete.  

“I especially enjoy the creative tasks, like writing copy, creating graphics, and working on front-end web tasks.” 

Carmen’s main goal is simple: “take some of the pressure off my team.” She strives to ensure the team is operating cohesively and isn’t averse to learning a skill set—even those outside her job description— in an effort to help a co-worker. 

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“Collaborating with each other, and between disciplines, comes pretty easily to the group. We’re a close group, and aside from our morning huddle where we discuss what’s needed for the day, we are all within earshot of each other.”  

Oh, music and tacos, too. 

“If you were to visit on any given day you’d likely hear lots of friendly banter, laughing, and music. Oh, and there would definitely be tacos up for grabs on the conference table.” 

What She Loves About Working in Digiboost 

“I love the friendly, fun vibe that Digiboost offers. We are a small, tight-knit group who works hard to get results for our clients, while also having a lot of fun together.” 

She also loves how much she’s grown professionally over the past year: 

“It’s incredible to think about all I’ve learned in the past year. I’ve worn a few hats during my time at Digiboost, so I’ve picked up skills using a variety of web development tools and have learned about Google Ads and digital marketing.” 

This isn’t surprising, given Digiboost’s commitment to personal growth, development, and learning.  

“Our leaders … want the Digis to learn and grow as much as possible, and do their best to ensure we have the tools to succeed, not only for our clients but personally, as well.” 


The Biggest Perk at Digiboost 

If there’s one thing Carmen really values while working at Digiboost, it’s how the company gives importance to family.  

“Honestly, as a mom, the family-friendly values at Digiboost are the biggest perk. Digiboost believes family comes first, so when I need to work from home or take an hour or two for a teacher conference, no one bats an eye. I feel really fortunate to have scheduling flexibility because I know many parents don’t have that luxury, and it really takes its toll on families.” 


What Most People Don’t Know 

Most people we work with at Digiboost don’t know that I own a small business, The Nurturing Root.”  

The Nurturing Root, located in Baltimore and San Antonio, is a full-service birth business that provides support and education to expecting families from conception to postpartum. Carmen believes education and support can have a tremendous impact on birth outcomes. Positive, healthy birth experiences lead to a more peaceful postpartum experience and can result in a smoother transition into parenthood. Parents deserve evidence-based, respectful care, and Carmen passionately guides families through the process, so they can have the most rewarding experience possible.

“Giving birth and becoming a parent is such a profound, transformative experience that can have a massive impact on one’s physical and mental health. It is my mission to help families gain the information and tools needed to be an informed consumer, so they feel in control and respected during their child’s birth.” 

Because of her experience and personal struggles in running her own business, Carmen is passionate about making a difference for small businesses. 

“Web and digital marketing solutions are crucial to the success of a small business, but when you are managing the day-to-day tasks, it is often something that business owners struggle to find time to do. Digiboost is an affordable and results-driven solution to meet that need.” 

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