Do You Need a Privacy Policy on Your Website When You Run Google Ads?

Privacy Policy - Camera on Walls with Privacy Violation

Are you running ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or another advertising platform? Did you know you need a privacy policy to run those advertisements? Even if you are just using Google Analytics, you must have a privacy policy.  If you didn’t read the terms and conditions before accepting them, you might not realize Google Analytics … Read more

How Google is helping small businesses during COVID-19

Man working from home on his computer during COVID-19

Google is the most used search engine to-date but for many businesses, Google is much more than just a search engine; it is how these businesses generate sales and foot traffic to their brick-and-mortar storefronts. With the recent crisis of COVID-19, many of these small businesses are either shutting down or making severe changes in … Read more

Digiboost Named Among Top 17 Digital Marketing Agencies in San Antonio

Digiboost has been named one of the top 17 digital marketing agencies in San Antonio, Texas, by The list was created after a rigorous analysis of more than 200 marketers in the area based on a set criteria. The list’s creator,, is primarily engaged in conducting research to develop an inventory of the … Read more