Keeping sensitive data secure is one of the fundamental requirements of successful organizations.

Data safety is mission critical

Digiboost has assisted multiple clients with information security hardening protocols. Digiboost also specializes in assisting government contractors with data compliance analysis and remediation. Download our cybersecurity awareness preparedness training document. 

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A disabled man in a wheelchair is working with others at a table with computers. Digiboost can assist you with becoming Section 508 compliant.

ADA and 508 compliance

Users of your products and services are all unique. Some require assistance in using digital products, and the law requires that businesses make accommodations for users with special needs. Digiboost promotes equal access to the web and leverages modern solutions to ensure that our clients remain compliant with state and federal guidelines.

Cloud well-architected review

Hardware, Software, Networking. What types of improvements does your business require to scale? How about the type of infrastructure that your business needs? Is traditional, cloud, or hyperconverged the right infrastructure for you? All common questions and Digiboost has advised and implemented variable configurations for our clients.

A computer illustration with research icons on the screen. Digiboost helps your business in your market research strategy

Managed data compliance

Securing your data to meeting data compliance standards for your industry requires expertise in modern technology solutions. Digiboost can help you meet GDPR, CMMC/NIST, and HIPAA compliance standards. If securing your data from bad actors is a business priority, we can help. 

code on a computer screen
Wordpress screen showing on a tablet with a stylus resting on the image. Image by Souvik Banerjee.

WordPress Hosting and Management

WordPress offers a multitude of benefits for businesses, including its user-friendly interface, extensive customization options, and a vast library of plugins and themes to enhance functionality and design. Knowing the proper way to host WordPress is crucial for a company’s success on the platform, as it ensures optimal performance, security, and scalability.

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